Chuck Run Amuck

A nonfiction book by Wayne Pierce


Learn how Bush & Obama saved Wall Street from Collapse

The main characters in this book are stockbroker Charles R Schwab, President Bush, and President Obama

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Charles Schwab & US government obstruction of justice & civil rights abuse
This story is about the greatest case of obstruction of justice and civil rights abuse in United States history. It is the true story about Charles R Schwab and the US Government’s unrelenting efforts to silence the author for more than twelve years. The author’s representatives in US Congress are under gag orders; they will not talk with him or meet with him. The UN Civil Rights group refused to investigate his complaints. Will this continue to be the author’s fate? Or will some country bring Charles Schwab and the US government to justice in the World Court?

When will Bush & Cheney be brought to justice for their 9/11 attacks on American citizens, their illegal war against Iraq, and their incarceration and torture of innocent Iraqi citizens?

Who will rescue the America people from the wealthy bankers & criminals that rule their country, destroy their economy, & create a toxic way of life that makes them obese, ill, and brain dead?

Cuba Warning

Beware the hand of friendship offered by wealthy neighbor
The Zionist vultures are waiting to devour your beautiful country
Will Cuba be next for foreign-inspired revolution?
Will big banks come to Cuba’s rescue?

Kiss your sugar plantations goodbye
Kiss your great healthcare system goodbye
Get ready for heavy debt & toxic food  & drugs

You know the rest of the story

Don’t forget Che Guevara, killed by your neighbor while fighting for your freedom

“Open Veins to South America”, by Eduardo Galeano
“Shock Doctrine”, by Naomi Klein
“The Ruling Elite…” by Deanna Spingola

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