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International Court of Justice
In what might be the greatest case of obstruction of justice and civil rights abuse in US history, this is the true story about Charles R Schwab and the US Government’s crimes against the author who awaits the day when some brave country will defend him by bringing charges against Charles R Schwab and the US government in the International Court of Justice. 

Obama’s former Attorney General Eric Holder returns to law firm that defends corporate criminals. Read this great article by The Intercept Journalist Lee Fang:

Too Big To Fail

Joining the Conspiracy?

Amazon Corporation:   Mr Jeff Bezos CEO
Create Space is owned by Amazon & I published two books through them:

“Charles Schwab & the US Government;
A conspiracy to obstruct justice” 2013

“The Stockbroker’s Lady” Early 2015.

My websites for these books receive around 300 hits per day from around the world.

After publishing this blog in May 2015 it received over 10,000 hits the first nine days from around the world. It now averages around 800 hits per day.

Results:   Book Sales = 0

Other than sales that I can account for, Amazon reports that in the past two years my books have not sold any copies worldwide. Given the serious nature of the subject matter and worldwide interest, this is hard to believe. Isn’t it interesting that no one at any level of government in the US has purchased my books? One would assume they would  be interested in the story I am broadcasting to the world.

Inasmuch as Amazon claims they have not sold my books, other than those mentioned, it is interesting that Amazon’s affiliated booksellers worldwide offer used copies of my books. Where did these used books come from? I have discussed this situation with my Create Space representatives and they assure me their reports are accurate.

The extent to which Schwab and the US government have suppressed my story and gagged all levels of government and the media causes me to suspect they have conspired with Amazon CEO Jeff Bezos to suppress my books and falsify my sales reports. There is much in life that is hidden from common citizens.

Costco Corporation  CEO Jeffry Brotman

Recall my story about the FBI Costco entrapment operation. Did Costco CEO Jeffrey Brotman conspire with the FBI and allow them to attempt to entrap me at Costco’s Eugene store by enticing me to hire assassins to kill President Obama? When I wrote to Mr. Brotman about this incident he did not respond, which convinces me that he was aware of the FBI plot.

Facebook Corporation  CEO Mark Zuckerman

Also included elsewhere, Facebook CEO Mark Zuckerman, David Rockefeller’s grandson, allowed Schwab & the US government to use Facebook members (patsies) to email me and present blatant lies about this serious case.

I wrote to Bush, Obama, Congressional leaders, and CEO’s of these corporations about each of these events. However, I did not receive any response.  I discuss all of these activities in “The Stockbroker’s Lady”

We no longer live in a real world. Our ideas about democracy, civil rights, and equal justice are all myths created for us and controlled by those in power. As it becomes more obvious who these people are, Americans are due a grand awakening.





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