Charles Schwab & US Government vs American Citizen

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The main characters in this story are stockbroker Charles Schwab, his former lover Kim Haines, his good friend Keith Johnson of Fieldstone Homes, presidents Bush & Obama, members of Congress, and the author

Learn how Schwab and his Zionist buddies conspired with two US presidents and leaders in Congress to sacrifice the author and his fiancee in order to save himself from prison & Wall Street from Collapse

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Charles Schwab & US government
Obstruction of justice & civil rights abuse

This story is about the greatest case of obstruction of justice and civil rights abuse in United States history and implicates Zionist Charles R Schwab, two US presidents, two vice presidents, their cabinet members, members of the US Congress, and Karl Rove. It is the true story about Charles Schwab and the US Government’s conspiracy against the author that has included over twelve years of stalking, unrelenting harassment, and illegal activities to silence him. The author’s representatives in Congress, all levels of law enforcement, and the media are under Zionist control via White House gag orders & cannot speak with or meet him. Most importantly, Charles R Schwab is beyond the reach of the US and world justice systems.

The UN Civil Rights group has refused to investigate the author’s complaints against Schwab and the US government or communicate with him. The Supreme Court has ignored his letters. The ACLU says they would like to help, but lack the resources. Editors of major newspapers such as The New York Times, Washington Post, and Wall Street Journal have ignored the author’s offers to discuss his story. Likewise with TV programs such as 60 Minutes, Larry King Live and many others. For over twelve years the author’s Oregon representatives in congress have refused to discuss his complaints against Schwab and the US government and have refused to meet with him. The US and Oregon state governments have joined Schwab and his Zionist thugs in a mighty force against a lone American citizen whose only mistake was to report Schwab’s many crimes against his fiancee and him. The author has contacted many journalist such as Glen Greenwald who broke the Edward Snowden story, but Tim King of Salem News was the only one with courage enough to publish several stories about the author’s ordeal. Unfortunately the Obama administration finally caught up with him and issued a gag order.

As Jimmy Carter recently said, “America has no functioning democracy at this moment…” and is run by an oligarchy with unlimited power. What’s new? Automaker Henry Ford was writing and trying to tell us this back in the 1920’s. His works are carried by Amazon.

This conspiracy against the author is the work of Schwab and his Zionist buddies who rule the United States and much of the world. They live by their own rules: Ignore morals and ethics and use any means to enrich themselves and their friends–with total disregard for human decency, the well being of people, their society, and their culture. People who get in their way are to be eliminated. No people understand the Zionists more than the Russians whose country they have plundered throughout history, leaving the people destitute and in dark despair. Zionists are not bothered when their greedy behavior impoverishes people, leaving men, women, and children starving. After all, they are only gentiles, so screw ’em.

Russia has miraculously survived and recovered due to the great strength and leadership of President Vladimir Putin who has had the courage and will to stand up to Russia’s Zionist oligarch slave masters and their counterparts in Israel and the US to free the Russian people and give them back their beautiful country. The Zionist propaganda about Russia and its leader is a terrible distortion of reality and for this the author apologizes to the Russian people and President Putin.

The Zionist have created a world for us which is but a fantasy, not for the purpose of making life on earth better for humans, but to manipulate and swindle them out of their last dime and steal their resources. Let us stop being fooled; men who behave like the wealthy, war mongering Zionists are not God’s chosen people, but some mongrel strain of human with defective DNA. Norman Finkelstein is one of many authors who attempts to enlighten us on these matters.

From the time they enter school until they are retired and watching Fox News, Zionists have Americans totally brainwashed and detached from reality. It is doubtful Americans will wake up before their society and country are destroyed. It is election time and the Zionists will keep Americans entertained with clowns while they choose their next leaders. Don’t be fooled by Bernie Sanders who seemingly speaks for the working people, for he is a Zionist wolf in sheep’s clothing. Remember Lennon, Trotsky, and Marx and their special brand of socialism that was so appealing. This is just another way to take it all for themselves.

“The War Against Putin”, by MS King  A fantastic enlightening book
“Gulag Archipelago”, by Alexander Solzhenitsyn Required reading for all Russian school kids

Charles Schwab has five children, some of whom we expect will conspire with future presidents and members of Congress and continue their father’s hostilities against the author. How many others who have spoken up about tyrants like Mr. Schwab and the Zionists have been subjected to their wrath, while members of federal, state, and local governments tremble in fear as they obediently stand back and watch?

The author would like to request that some courageous person or country stand up for him, and indeed for the American people, and bring charges against Charles Schwab and the US government in the International Court of Justice. At the same time, bring charges against the perpetrators of numerous false flag terrorist attacks, including 9/11, the illegal wars against Afghanistan and Iraq, and the torture of war prisoners? Is one a war criminal if he attempts to defend his country against a US led coalition force invading his country? The number of true Iraqi war criminals is zero. The true war criminals include the governments of Israel, the US, and UK, and those who followed them in the destruction of a country, its elected leaders, its infrastructure, and killing 1.6 million innocent people. Zionist war and destruction continues all over the world–overthrowing governments, destroying infrastructure, and displacing people. When will people of the world wake up and demand it be stopped?
In the meantime those countries still functioning can suffer the invasion of the people whose countries have been destroyed by the Zionist vultures. Their next victim is Cuba who is about to undergo “democratization” only to soon be struggling for survival. The only chance of survival is if they can keep the Zionist bankers and investors out of their country.

Grand Deceptions: Zionist Intrigue in the 20th & 21st Centuries“,
by Brandon Martinez.  Learn all about Israel’s role in false flag terrorism and 9/11

Crossing The Rubicon“, by Michael Ruppert Please note: After writing his huge detailed account of every aspect of 9/11, Michael Ruppert knew he was in danger and fled to Venezuela. He later explained that the CIA had caught up with him, poisoned him, and nearly killed him. Isn’t it interesting that many years later Venezuela’s President Hugo Chavez said the same thing. Democracy, civil rights? Freedom of the press? Freedom of speech? Horseshit. Ruppert miraculously recovered and moved to Canada where he carried on his work of trying to expose US government/corporate corruption. After many years of living in constant fear for his life and brokenhearted (my words) because he was unable to awaken Americans, he took a gun and blew out his brains. Though most Americans have never heard of him, they lost one of their real representatives. The greatest phenomenon on earth, which automaker Henry Ford warned about, is the extent to which Zionists are able to use propaganda to render the gentiles brain dead.

Samples From “The Stockbroker’s Lady”

Chapter 8:  Bomb Hoax Sting   In an elaborate sting operation, the FBI (experts at sting operations) joined Schwab in falsely accusing the author of trying to kill Schwab. Deliberate lies by Charles Schwab, fake bombs, phony FBI interrogation, and an attempted fixed incriminating polygraph test. Pure luck and circumstances prevented the author from being arrested and locked up in solitary confinement for the rest of his life. Yes, in the US some prisoners are kept in solitary confinement for fifteen and twenty years, perhaps saving money for the owners of the privatized prisons.
Chapter 13:  Costco Entrapment   In a close call, an undercover FBI or Schwab secret service agent pretending to be a vendor met the author in a Costco store and engaged him in a lengthy discussion that led to the author’s books. After a connection was established the agent offered the services of hired assassins to kill President Obama and Schwab for what he said they had done to the author. Based upon lots of experience, red flags went up and the author knew he was being set up and ended the discussion. He knew that he was narrowly escaping another attempt by Schwab and the government to silence him by locking him up in solitary confinement.
The author’s complaints about this incident to Obama, his representatives in Congress, local law enforcement, and Costco’s CEO Jeff Brotman did not receive even an acknowledgement, thus proving the existence of a wide-based conspiracy against the him. The author believes these ongoing attempts to silence him are the works of Zionists like Charles Schwab and his buddies who control The White House, Congress, the Supreme Court, and the lives and very souls of the American people, who are so brainwashed they are totally unaware.

US government refuses authors pleas for help

The two books above include dozens of letters to & from Schwab, the Bush & Obama administrations, Nancy Pelosi, Harry Reid, John Boehner, Peter DeFazio, Ron Wyden, Jeff Merkel, Hillary Clinton & many others. You can  get a grasp of the extent of the conspiracy by scanning the TOC via the link above. One might wonder why these people refuse to act on the author’s behalf. The truth is that they are closely controlled by their Zionist masters and must follow the script. If they don’t, their government careers will soon be over and perhaps worse. Remember that in its ultimate wisdom the Supreme Court ruled that when it comes to political donations corporations are considered people. So folks, save your $25 for it isn’t a piss in the bucket compared to what Schwab and the Koch brothers donate to our politicians. And it doesn’t matter, because the whole election process is a farce intended only for entertainment purposes, for the Bilderbergers rule and decide our elections for us. Reference: Many books about the Bilderbergers listed on Amazon.

Think about it. Can you imagine Donald Trump meeting with the brilliant President Vladimir Putin to discuss world affairs? Perhaps we would have an opportunity to witness Mr Putin laughing.

Please note: In the past twelve years, Senator Hillary Clinton was the only member of Congress with the courage to respond to the author’s request for help. Under her own signature she referred to Schwab by name and recommend how the author might deal with him. I’m sure she knew that the author was helpless against Schwab and his Zionist buddies.



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